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Funeral Services Edmonton South

Connelly-McKinley is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated funeral services, committed to being compassionate, understanding and professional in Funeral Services Edmonton.


• Funeral And Cremat

Community Activities - Alberta, Edmonton - December, 14th, 2017


Calgary News Anchors

Rishi Nagar is a leading Canadian media personality philanthropist, journalist, and Canadian Radio broadcaster. His Radio Hosting career helps him to emerge with critical social issues, which tug the heart of real people who know what is happening in

Community Activities - Alberta, Calgary - December, 07th, 2017


Punjabi Sikh Marriage Celebration

Punjabi marriage is performed according to the Vedic style and an auspicious day is considered to unite Punjabi bride and groom. Punjabi groom is also excited to take look at his better half. Kachi misri custom takes place first when two families mee

Community Activities - British Columbia, Surrey - November, 08th, 2017


Parvasi radio - South asian radio, South Asian Radio Canada

Are you wondering what the best South asian radio in Toronto is? Tune in today for headline news, updates, and business,lelebrity interview in canada. 

Our Services

Famous Personalities Interviews Canada, news radio
canada news radio, can

Community Activities - Ontario, Brampton - October, 09th, 2017


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Events - Manitoba, Brandon - September, 14th, 2017


Agarwal Matrimony Services to Find Proper Brides and Grooms

Agarwal community people know for their business trading and wealth. This community people are also well educated which includes both girls and boys. Mostly people give priority to online matrimony to select a proper life partner from online matrimon

Events - British Columbia, Vancouver - September, 13th, 2017

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