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Mussafah Car Repair Services Dubai

Category: Services, Subcategory: Repair
Location: Dubai City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted: September, 05th, 2017

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Do you need a better service for your car? Yes, right?  Bright Spark Auto Repairing (BS) is a limited liability company owned by Mohamad Hareb Al Otaiba Group and has been servicing automotive needs since 1993 with a vision to be the most outstanding multi-brand automotive service provider in the UAE.We strive to be a world class center of excellence in vehicle maintenance services, applying proven methods that work through a highly skilled workforce while utilizing the latest technologies. Indulge your car & relish an outstanding experience with our qualified team who'll understand your vehicle's needs to deliver the optimum car servicing experience with the utmost attention to detail.

Bright Spark involves many services like tire management, deals with issues related to mechanical and electrical, includes lube service, auto caring, tinting, painting and all. It also includes service contracts, ie, Introducing Bright Spark Service Maintenance plan for 36 months or 50,000 KMs (whichever comes first). Signing up for our contract delivers many attractive benefits beyond the obvious cost savings, along with flexible terms.


Transaction Type:Offering Seller Type: Professionals / Businesses
Address: Al Quoz Industrial Area 2, Near Oasis Village - Dubai
Phone:+9712 5540133


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