Free Local Classified Ads Listing

MapleMe is a free local classified ads website for those who believe in getting a quick and apt response for their listings. Whether you want to buy or sell products and services or wish to organize an activity - we help you meet all your requirements.

Post your ad in the relevant category of our free classified listings to reach the target audiences instantly. Listing a free ad on the web is a must-do act for the modern marketers as Internet is the most powerful media in today's world.

MapleMe Advantages:

  1. Post colorful ads with pictures and videos for effective marketing.
  2. Exercise full control over your buying, selling and your community activities through your MapleMe Account.
  3. Enhance your ad viewership by serving them to the Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc.).
  4. The simple interface helps you manage your postings with due ease.
  5. MapleMe has a wide network for free local classifieds in 21 countries and it was found in year 2011.


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